About The Publisher: Melissa

Melissa - Publisher

Hi Moms (and Dads), I'm Melissa, your local MacaroniKID Publisher. I hail from the city of Chicago and have the privilege of being the Mama to a fun 4yr old boy. Less than two years ago, Houston became our "Second City" (see what I did there?), and we spend our free time being about town, learning and exploring our way around. I'm a creative coordinator by nature and my background is in Marketing, Events and I used to have my own nail business before making my way to Texas. I've always enjoyed connecting with people and sharing information. 

I, like almost all parents, am always looking for activities to keep the little one entertained. When I've googled "kids events near me", I constantly have to sift through so many events I'm not interested in to get to the events I am interested in. Just the same, keeping kids busy is kind of like our closet, so many clothes, yet nothing to wear. There's lots to do but we somehow find ourselves always looking for stuff to do. That being said, I will curate events for you with the goal of making it easier to take your pick. I'll focus on FREE, interactive, cultural, musical, unique events and more. Because let's face it, some days we're planners and all goes on schedule and other days we're flying out the door and we need something quick. I want to be that resource for you. I'll also share our experiences with you, you’ll receive a weekly newsletter and I hope to overall inspire ideas for you and just make this part of "Momming" a little easier. Thank you for supporting this effort and sticking with me as we have some fun in Houston. We're in this together!