HTX Earth Day 2024

Family Fun for Apr 20th-27th, 2024

By Melissa Martinez, Macaroni KID Downtown Houston April 16, 2024

  Earth Day is almost here to remind us of the everyday small efforts we can make towards conservation and sustainability efforts to protect our planet for our children’s children and hopefully beyond. With this environmental movement beginning over 50 years ago, came annual celebrations around the country on every 22nd day of April to unify communities with the common goal of doing some good for our planet. Let’s face it, it can be challenging to stay active in our day-to-day contributions towards bettering our land and consumption and practicing better waste management at a family level. For example, we’re in Texas - I’m not sure how we can achieve driving less when we’ve got the busy lifestyles and activities that are always 20+ minute drives but it's worth a try to maybe walk a little more in the city, right? 

Fun fact: It was a young activist that was tasked by the Senator of Wisconsin to organize events to promote the idea of Earth Day. The reason why April 22nd was chosen for this annual celebration was to maximize student participation between Spring Break and final exams at the time!

So let’s raise a biodegradable cup to this spotlight of FREE events happening about town over the next week including tree planting, educational programs, and more. 

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Green Mountain Energy Earth Day at Discovery Green

A day of of events and entertainment including (but not limited to):

  • Scrapdaddy Circus, a testament to the power of creativity to reform discarded items into works of art. 
  • Live Art demos throughout the day. Chalk artists will create their masterpieces for an audience while a live “art battle” is held on stage.
  • Lee’s Golden Dragons will perform a traditional Chinese “dragon dance” as well as an original lion dance created for this year’s Green Mountain Energy Earth Day. 

Green Mountain Energy Earth Day is energetically pursuing a zero-waste event. Zero-waste means all trash must be diverted from the landfill. This year we’re making it easy for ALL visitors to Be a Zero Hero.

Please plan on bringing your own refillable water bottles and utensils.


Earth Day Concert at Mandell Park

Bring your chair or blanket and make sure you come early to grab a good spot!



The Energy Corridor District's Earth Day Celebration

A lineup consisting of a Recycled Fashion Show featuring eco-fashion by high school students, A hands-on collective art piece using brushes and markers, Tree Seeding giveaways, Digital recycling station to schedule electronic waste pickups, Eco-friendly vendors, Educational booths, Face painting, games, and more. 



Earth Day HTX

City of Houston officials will join executives and volunteers from Apache to plant 2,500 trees at Watonga Park. 



Earth Day Celebration at Houston Arboretum

Celebrating biodiversity! Get outside and learn about the amazing variety of animals, plants, and people that share our planet. 

Crafts will be available while supplies last.

And for all my SAHM’s or parents who enjoy crafting, here’s a little board of EARTH DAY DIY FAMILY FUN for some at home conversation starters and small things to raise the awareness bar, along with some creative and charming DIY’s. Simple stuff. 

Enjoy celebrating Mother Earth this year  

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